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Deborah Grant Seabron

Deborah Grant Seabron


  • Chief, JBSA Wellness & Prevention Programs (Air Force Civilian)
  • Chief, Integrations & Strategic Initiatives
  • Chief, Commanders’ Action Group
  • Chief, Basing and Relocation Office
  • Employee Equal Opportunity (EEO) Counselor, JBSA-FSH, TX
  • Chief, Plans, Integration, & Analysis Office, Garrison, FSH, TX (Army Civilian)
  • Director, Readiness & Logistics Business Center, Garrison, FSH, TX
  • Chief, Plans & Operations, Garrison, FSH, TX
  • Installation Contingency Planner, Garrison. FSH, TX
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Action Officer, Garrison, FSH, TX
  • Commander’s Auditor, Internal Review Office, Garrison, FSH, TX 
  • Employee Equal Opportunity (EEO) Counselor, Garrison, FSH, TX

School Board Leadership and Governance

  • Sam Houston ISD Board Trustee 17 yrs., Pres 6 yrs., Vice Pres 2 yrs., Board Sec 4 yrs.
  • Texas Association of School Boards Director, Region 20, Position D 2 yrs.